Crystals 101

Let’s start off with a disclaimer. DO NOT assume that crystals are going to heal your cancer, diabetes, or other chronic illness. That is not what I claim. I believe that crystals are wonderful tools, which can lead to more mindfulness and emotional tranquility.



I loved my visit to Beijing, and I’d go back in a heartbeat if I could! It’s the capital China, so I expected loud bustling streets and tall buildings, but instead I found Beijing to be surprisingly calm, clean and quiet. This city is full of beautiful traditional architecture, and ancient historical sites that are […]


Shanghai just might be my favorite city I’ve visited in China so far. The city lights at night are unbeatable, there’s a Taco Bell, and I was also able to find Mountain Dew, which really helped to quiet my cravings for sodas other than the Pepsi, Sprite and Coca-Cola available where I live in Southern […]